Precision Manufacturing

Specialising in carefully designed and precision manufactured parts, our designers and machinists work closely with our clients from concept right through to completion. Our knowledgeable and experienced team provide professional support right through the process, ensuring you receive Progressive high standards, every time.



Rapid responses and flexibility are what we are recognised for. Our teams’ wealth of experience in Automotive, Aerospace, Leisure and Marine applications allow the Progressive CNC team of engineers to offer a one-stop shop service from concept and design right through to manufacturing and production.

CNC Milling parts is one of the most common precision engineering processes, this is where material from a work piece is removed using rotary cutters. Our skilled team is fully experienced in programming, this alongside our constant drive for knowledge means you can be reassured the best methods are being used to make each and every one of your parts.

It is our goal to meet your needs every time and to the highest of standards. Thanks to our dedicated team and our absolute commitment to quality, we always deliver!